Investigations into all incidents of Fly Tipping within the Borough.

Instillation of signage and covert cameras for the purpose of deterring and gathering evidence.

Instigate legal proceedings against those responsible for fly tipping, including interviews under caution following the Police and Criminal Evidence guidelines.

From 9th May 2016 Fixed Penalty Notices can be issued for cases of low level fly tipping     (a couple of bags)

Removal of fly tips on public land in partnership the Councils contractors Cory Environmental, and to advise private land owners as to their responsibilities for fly tips on their land.

Abandoned vehicles:

1.    The vehicle has not moved for a minimum of two weeks.

2.    The vehicle shows signs of abandonment such as two or more of the following:

·         poor condition

·         build up of debris around the wheels, and or on the windscreen

·         broken windows

·         unlocked doors or boot

·         fuel filler cap open

·         un-taxed (As of the 1st October 2014 vehicles will no longer be required to display a tax disc in the windscreen)

3.    Please note that a vehicle which changes its location within a road (even infrequently) is not abandoned.

Un taxed vehicles

Locating and removal of untaxed vehicles within the Borough, in partnership with the DVLAs contractors NSL.

Monitoring and checking waste carriers

Checking waste licenses of those carrying waste for commercial gain or as part of their business. Issuing £300 Fixed Penalty Notices to persons responsible for not having the correct licenses.

Seizure of and impounding of vehicles found to be transporting waste illegally or not in accordance with a license.

Stray Dogs

Collection and transportation of contained stray dogs to council approved kennels. Fees charged.

On occasions where appropriate (and the owner can be traced through the dogs mico chip or collar tag ) returning the dog directly to the owner for fee of £60 per dog from 1st April 2016

N.B from 6th April 2016, Dogs are required to be mirco chipped under The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014.

Litter and dog fouling

Issuing Fixed penalty Notices to those witnessed dropping and leaving litter of any type or failing to remove dog fouling originating for a dog under their control.

Loaning a bag and flag kit to organizations or groups who would like to raise awareness of dog fouling issues within their areas.

Fly posting

Issuing FPNs for instances of fly posting within the Borough. Removal of some signs in association with TWBC planning department.

Commercial Waste

Monitoring local businesses to check they are disposing of commercial waste using approved methods and with licensed operators. Following up on complains of illegal waste storage and or placing of commercial waste in domestic bins.

Educational events  

School visits and public events promoting waste and street scene issues.

If you require any further information or clarification or if you which to report and issue please contact: