Paddock Wood Town Council consists of thirteen members, who were elected in May 2015 for a four year term.

The Council meets on the 3rd Monday of every month, at the Day Centre, Commercial Road. Meetings commence at 7.45, unless otherwise stated. The proceedings start with questions to the Town Council from members of the public followed by questions to and from the Borough and County Councillors.

The Council has five sub-committees:
Planning and Environment – which meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month
Estates – which meets on the 2nd Monday of every month, except in January and August
Finance – which meets in November and January to set the budget for the following financial year
Personnel – which meets when required
Policies, Procedures and Protocol – which meets a minimum of three times a year.
The Town Council is responsible for the following areas in Paddock Wood:

Allotments (Ringden Avenue, Kent Close, Badsell Road)
Cemetery and Closed Church Yard
Christmas lights
Cobbs Close open space
Day Centre
Elm Tree playing fields and pavilion
Foal Hurst Wood
Green Lane recreation ground and play area
Hanging baskets
Memorial recreation ground & tennis courts including pavilion and play area
Mount Pleasant and Maidstone Road junction
Planters in town centre
Play areas in Clover Way and The Ridings
Putlands playing fields including skate park
St Andrews recreation ground (play area, St Andrew’s hall and the Podmore building)
War Memorial
Whites Corner

The council is also responsible for footway lighting in Lucknow Road, Nursery Road, St Andrew’s Road and St Andrew’s playing field. All other lights belong to KCC. Paddock Wood Town Council is also a statutory consultee for all planning applications and can also lobby the Borough and County Council when necessary.

The Council employs a full time Town Clerk, a part time Deputy Clerk and three full time ground staff.