Defibrillators in Paddock Wood

Barsleys 16-20 Commercial Rd TN12 6EJ

In store -ask staff:  Monday-Friday 9am – 5.30pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm

Day Centre Commercial Road TN12 6DP

Available 24 hours a day

Fire Station Maidstone Rd TN12 6EA

Will be available in a public access box on the outside of the building which will be unlocked
Permanent access  (from December 2017)

Green Lane Sports Pavilion Green Lane TN12 6BF

Available 24 hours a day

Paddock Wood Masonic Centre Maidstone Road TN12

During opening hours only

Paddock Wood Railway Station

Inside waiting room:  public access during station opening times

Paddock Wood Town Council Offices (outside building)

Available 24 hours a day

Putlands Sports  Centre Mascalls Court Road TN12 6NZ

Ask at reception:  Mon – Fri 7am-10.30pm, Sat – Sun 8.30 – 6.30 pm

St Andrew’s Church Maidstone Road TN12 6DZ

Foyer Mon – Fri 8am-9pm
Saturday 10am – 12 noon
Sunday 7.30am – 12 noon
Times may vary

Woodlands Health Centre  7 Allington Road TN12 6AX

Ask at reception: Monday-Friday 8am – 6.30pm

PW Ambulance Centre (PW Make Ready Centre) Unit 29, Eldon Way TN12 6BE

Make emergency call 24 hours