2018-19 Minutes and Agendas

Click on the link in order to access the agendas and draft minutes. (If you require copies of the supporting papers please contact the Town Council Office)


Date Agenda Minutes
26th November
19th November Full Council
19th November Planning
12th November Estates
5th November Planning and Environment
5th November Personnel
22nd October P.P.P.
15th October 7.45pm Full Council
15th October  7.15pm Planning Minutes
10th October 7.00pm Extraordinary planning meeting Minutes
8th October 7.45pm Estates Minutes
1st October 7.45pm Planning and environment Minutes
17th September 7.45pm Full Council (+ papers) Minutes
17th September 7.15pm Planning Minutes
10th September 7.45pm Estates Minutes
3rd September 7.45pm Planning and Environment Meeting cancelled
29th August 7.45pm Finance Minutes
20th August 7.45pm Full Council Minutes
20th August 7.15pm Planning Minutes
13th August 7.45pm P.P.P. Minutes
6th August 7.45pm Planning and Environment meeting not quorate
16th July 7.45pm Full Council Minutes
16th July 2018 7.15pm Planning Minutes
9th July 2018  7.45pm Estates Minutes
2nd July  2018 7.45pm Planning and Environment Minutes
25th June 2018 7.45pm Finance meeting not quorate
25th June 2018 6.45pm Personnel Minutes
18th June 2018 7.45pm Full Council Minutes
18th June 2018 Planning Minutes
12th June 2018 Extra Town Council meeting Minutes
11th June 2018 7.45pm Estates Minutes
4th June 2018 7.45pm Planning and Environment Minutes
21st  May 2018 Full Council Minutes