Christmas Holiday Refuse Collection arrangements

Holiday Collection Arrangements

Over the Christmas and New Year weeks refuse and recycling collections will continue with the green and brown bins emptied as usual, however the collection day will change for these two weeks.

Christmas week

Collections during Christmas week will take place 2 days later than normal.

Collection due Collection will take place
Monday 25 December Wednesday 27 December
Tuesday 26 December Thursday 28 December
Wednesday 27 December Friday 29 December
Thursday 28 December Saturday 30 December
Friday 29 December Sunday 31 December

New Year week

Collections during New Years week will take place one day later than normal

Collection due Collection will take place
Monday 1 January Tuesday 2 January
Tuesday 2 January Wednesday 3 January
Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January
Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January
Friday 5 January Saturday 6 January